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The Tunnel Calamity Book

The Tunnel Calamity Book

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A strange creature—massive, claw-footed, and beset with impossibly small, sad eyes—skulks among unsuspecting tunnel-goers. This behemoth, the Uluus, was supposed to be extinct. The lone child taking pause in its presence on St. Frumble’s Day, 1892, in the tunnel between East Shoetree and West Radish, knows better. While genteel folk furtively pass a note, steal a moment, or make their way to and fro under skull-laden archways, the Uluus bides its time.

Peer through the tunnel’s open window and watch a 3-D wordless tale that changes scenes with every stretch, zoom, and turn in this brand-new edition of an Edward Gorey classic.

This freestanding tunnel book is made up of 8 die-cut panels with concertina walls and a lens for enhanced viewing.

Comes in a sturdy box, measuring 7⅜ x 6⅜ x ⅞ in.

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