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The Sopping Thursday Book

Item # 27182

This title is currently out of print.  It can be found as one of the titled in Amphigorey Also.

An umbrella is missing. A man is distressed. A thief scampers over rooftops. A child is in danger. A harangued sales clerk weeps. A dog saves the day. The Sopping Thursday is unlike any other Edward Gorey book, both because of its unique gray-and-black illustrations and because of what looks very much like a happy ending. (Still, some will fret a bit about the child featured in the final picture.) In just thirty images and thirty short lines of text, Gorey manages to create a complex tableau of characters and a plot worthy of film noir.

64 pages with 30 gray-and-black illustrations. Size: 8 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches. Printed hardcase with jacket.

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