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The Other Statue Book

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The annual charity f?te at Backwater Hall in Mortshire is disrupted by the mysterious death of Lord Wherewithal and the theft of the Lisping Elbow. Confusion and misgivings abound. And, alas, the Earl of Thump's stuffed thisby is found disemboweled by the edge of the lake. Dr. Belgravius and his nephew, Luke Touchpaper, attempt to tie the loose ends together and wonder why Miss Underfold was seen wearing a hat decorated with black lilies. And why was Victoria Scone dancing the tango with Horace Gollop in The Soiled Dove?

Edward Gorey creates an intriguing and sharply mordant world and leaves us his own mystery-what has happened to the missing Night Bandage, volume two of the Mortshire secrets?

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