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2019 Exhibition Sponsorships

2019 Edward Gorey Exhibition Sponsorship THE EDWARD GOREY HOUSE 2019 EXHIBIT, HIPPITY WIPPITY Edward Gorey and the Language of Nonsense, looks at Edward Gorey as one of the primary creators of Nonsense literature. Not just following in the footsteps of Edward Lear and Lewis Carroll, Gorey produced a striking body of serious Nonsense, absorbing countless influences and styles and transforming the genre into a very contemporary meditation on life, death, social mores, and things falling from the sky.

Here is your chance to be an 2019 Exhibit Case Sponsor in this year’s exhibit. Sponsorships are the only funding the House receives in the creating of our annual exhibits. What are the benefits of such a thing? Your name on a case will be gawked at admiringly by over 10,000 annual visitors. You will be recognized as a patron of the arts, and you and your family get free admission to the House all season. Sponsors have been known to be stopped on the street to get their hands shook vigorously — it’s happened twice. Mostly, it’s a way to show that you care deeply about the House and you want to support our work here.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the 2019 exhibit and take a little tour of Hippity Wippity.  You’ll find a Sponsorship Form at the end of the tour—or, you can call the House at 508-362-3909 or email us ay edwardgoreyhouse@verizon.net to set up a sponsorship.

Whether you sponsor or not, we hope you get a chance to view the exhibit in person. Our small-but-mighty museum continues to be an international attraction for both admirers of Gorey and newcomers to his work. Our funding comes from sponsorships, memberships and visitors—we hope that you will fall into at least one of those categories.