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Edward Gorey: Les Echanges Malandreux Book

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Les Échanges Malandreux—from the brilliantly esoteric mind of Edward Gorey—was originally published in 1984, an interactive flip book that has the potential to create thousands of different scenes (65,536 to be exact).

This book is meant to be read by turning the upper and lower pages independently to create unique interactions between the droll, eccentric characters. Reprinted here in four sections—two for Gorey’s drawings at the top and two for his captions at the bottom— are 32 mix-and-match personas and bemusing remarks. New trysts, outrageous dynamics, and unlikely conversations will arise each time you crack the spine.

32 images and accompanying text to flip, mix, and match in a dual Wire-O bound hard cover book.

Size: 7 x 6.75 in.

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