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Gashlycrumb Tinies  Mini Lunchbox - GoreyStore

Gashlycrumb Tinies Mini Lunchbox

Item # 19153-O

Restocking...check back after the new year.

Edward Gorey collectible mini-lunchbox assortment, which also features the text from the 1963 book and has all the charm of our full-size version. Offered in different colors for different occasions and palettes! It stays true to the original dust jacket color in sage, captures the classic poster color in putty, deep red holds treats for either Christmas or Valentines Day, and echoes of Halloween in orange! Pick up this clever metal container of cautionary tales to give as a gift, use as a purse, or decorate your desk or shelf! Gorey fans, new and old have declared this mini lunchbox "one of the coolest collectibles ever produced!" and are snapping up all four!

Measures: 4.5" high x 5.5" wide x 3" deep

Available in Orange or Sage

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