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Edward Gorey Sticker Book

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There are a few things you should know about the artist Edward Gorey, the creator of the creatures in this sticker book! Mr. Gorey (American, 1925-2000) wrote and illustrated over 100 books; he also designed stage sets and costumes, wrote plays, and created the animated introduction for a TV series called Mystery! He drew a zoo-size menagerie of fantastic beasts-some creepy, others lovable, others monstrous or just plain odd-as well as a slew of peculiar people. His characters are instantly recognizable, because he always drew them in a pen-and-ink crosshatch style.

Gorey gave his creatures wonderful, playful names; for example, "figbash" and "wuggly ump." His stories often involved mystery and intrigue; people disappearing and other bizarre mishaps. And Edward Gorey loved the ballet and was VERY fond of cats-something you might already have guessed.

Lucky you! With this sticker book, you get to play with 50 of Gorey's characters from several of his books, including The Black Doll, Category, Dancing Cats, The Doubtful Guest, The Epiplectic Bicycle, and The Gashlycrumb Tinies. There are 185 stickers in all, with images of Count Dracula, ice-skating polar bears and alligators, several figbashes in ballet slippers, children astride weird dogs, and more. Have fun stickering!

This item is CPSIA compliant: CPSIA certification form. PomegranateKids sticker books are CPSIA compliant and printed with nontoxic, soy-based inks.

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