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A Halloween Treat Book

A Halloween Treat Book

Item # 34107

A brand new Gorey gem for Halloween--and a collection of his ghosts, ghouls, specters, and spooks.A Halloween Treat was published in Family Circle in the late 1980's and hasn't resurfaced since. This is that story's first appearance in book form.

In A Halloween Treat, kids and cats go trick or treating, and gather loot that might be tricks--or perhaps the best treat imaginable: their very own monsters. A short vignette, published in book form for the very first time, it will be an undiscovered delight for Gorey fanatics.

Turn the book over to its back cover to read from the other direction, and you'll delve into a collection of Gorey's ghosts, curated from his extensive oeuvre. Charmingly spooky, these ghastly phantasms come in all shapes and sizes--the perfect thing to curl up with on a chilling Halloween night.

48 pages, hardcover, measures 6.9 x 6.4 inches

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