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F is for Fantods Book

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Edward Gorey's Fantod Press: A Bibliographic checklist

Published by the Edward Gorey House, "F is for Fantod's" is a detailed bibliographic checklist of the twenty-eight titles Edward Gorey published through his Fantod Press. Beginning with "The Beastly Baby" in 1962 and continuing with "The Nursery Frieze", "The Pious Infant", "The Deranged Cousins" "The Abandoned Sock", "The Lost Lion" and others through "The Just Dessert" and "The Deadly Blotter" both published in 1997. Author and collector Edward Bradford has written a highly detailed account of each book issued by the press, all of which are considered highly prized by Gorey collectors.

Available in a Special Numbered Edition or Regular Edition>

Regular Edition: The same as the numbered edition, except the cover is a cream white and is not signed or numbered.

Special Numbered Edition (SOLD OUT): A total of 150 copies are numbered, signed by the author, and have a light green cover.

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